Displaying a summary of port errors for a switch

Connect to the switch and log in as admin.

Enter the portErrShow command.

switch:admin> porterrshow

how to test ports for frame errors

(output truncated)
The portErrShow command output provides one output line per port. Refer to Table 20 for a description of the error types.

Table 20 Error summary description
Error type


frames tx – Frames transmitted

frames rx – Frames received

enc in – Encoding errors inside frames

crc err – Frames with CRC errors

crc g_eof – CRC errors that occur on frames with good end-of-frame delimiters

too shrt – Frames shorter than minimum

too long – Frames longer than maximum

bad eof – Frames with bad end-of-frame delimiters

enc out – Encoding error outside of frames

disc c3 – Class 3 frames discarded

link fail – Link failures (LF1 or LF2 states)

loss sync – Loss of synchronization

loss sig – Loss of signal

frjt – Frames rejected with F_RJT

fbsy – Frames busied with F_BSY