1. Disable array from call home (Depending on the FLARE version there 3 methods, Method 1 is preffered)
1.1. Method 1 – From Navisphere Manager > Monitors tab > Right click on SPA > Select DISABLE/ENABLE RESPONSES >Select Disable Responses and set time period of 30-40 minutes. Repeat for SPB
1.2. Method 2 – From Navisphere Manager > Monitors tab > Click the plus sign on the cetral Monitor. Right click STOP MONITORING
1.3. Method 3 – From Navisphere Manager > Monitors tab > Expand the system SPA monitor icon > Right click on the Call Home template and select STOP USING

2. Ensure there is conectivity to both SPs by ping command or open Navisphere Manager in the browser

3. Check for any physical issues and correct if there any.

4. Disable Write Cache from System Properties > Array Properties Cache tab > Status Change from DISABLING to DISABLED

5. In the Array Memory tab zero the memory assigned. !!!It can not be set to zero before write cache is fully disabled!!!

6.Ensure the cache is completely disabled
6.1. naviseccli -h getcache
6.2. navisec -h getcache

7. From the Navisphere Manager window > Right click on the SP icon > RESET AND HOLD (this will shut down the SP)
7.1. Can be done with CLI – naviseccli -h resetandhold
7.3. Verify that the SP has been shutdown > Ping the SP ip address.

8. Remove all the Frond-end-cables (!!!!!lable them so you know which one goes where!!!!!) > remove all Back-end-cables > loosen the screws > pull out the SP

9. Change the DIMM

10. Partially instert the SP > Reconnect the back end cables > Fully insert the SP > Wait for 30 seconds after the BOOT LED come up > Reconnect the front-end-cables

11. The SP will take approximatelly 10-15 minutes to load

12. Enable write cache (don’t forget to allocate memory from the Memory tab)

13. Confirm that all LUNs are again under the control of their default SP owner (from the lun folder in Navisphere Mnager)

14. Restore call home alerts

15. Verify the replaced part is working fine.

16. Login to both SPs to verify system is operating normaly

17. From PHYSICAL > Expand to the replaced part and verify the part is not faulted

18. DONE